About Us

HEART TANTRA is Asti and Abhika

HEART TANTRA is Asti and Abhika, two friends, two meditators with more than 20 years of experience in organising and leading Tantra Events, Workshops and Festivals.

HEART TANTRA was born when we realised that each and every event we organise or lead share the same quality of energy.


We received so many feedbacks from participants , that finally we understood that it’s combination of our energies
and life experiences opens the channel of this certain quality of energy: grounded, supportive, stable
and secure and at the same time vibrant, juicy, playful and loving.

HEART TANTRA brand is a guarantee that any our event you attend will offer the same level and quality of energy.


Tantrica, Meditator, Family Constellation therapist, Tango dancer, business woman and a mother of teenage daughter.


Studying Tantra for almost 20 years, I found answers about the nature of femininity, sexuality, love and spirituality
that opened me up to a whole new level of understanding.

Now, I’m here to share with you the wisdom that completely changed my life, making it so much more happy, adventurous and juicy.


Meditation, Celebration and Love. Family oriented with three children. Founder of Osho Center Latvia.


For 10 years Asti traveled the East, meditating, unburdening from conditionings and masks, getting to know the self.
During this time he fell in love with energy work, meditation, meditative therapies and bodywork.


Now he leads Osho Meditative therapies – Mystic Rose, Born Again, No Mind and ARUN Conscious Touch meditation.