Tantra Lifestyle: Just Say Yes with Svarup

Tantra Lifestyle: Just Say Yes with Svarup

Tantra is returning to what is simple. It is considering your own body as the temple of your soul, your own senses as the windows of your being into the world, your own heart as the door to transformation.

In this event, your attention will be gradually moved away from your mind, with its conditionings and beliefs regarding sensuality, to your body, heart and soul.

You will learn to relax into saying yes to the longing for a new life that is nestled deep in your heart, and enjoy following it.

You will become an invitation for this new life to dance with you.


Svarup (Italy) is specialized in Deconditioning work, both childhood and adolescence and sexuality, and is a teacher of Essence Work. She met Osho in 1984, and since then participated to the commune life around the Master, facilitating groups and meditative therapies.

After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Rome, she has collaborated for several years with R.D.Laing running one of his therapeutic communities in London.

For more than thirty years, she has been leading groups all over the world with Premartha, her partner and fellow traveler. Together, they wrote Twice Born and The Little Buddha and the Cosmos, both available at amazon.


May 28, 6:30 - 9:30 pm


Būtība Rezidence, Čaka 67/69, 4th floor, Riga

Information: 27759979 (Asti)

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