heart tantra LET YOUR HEART BLOSSOM Discover our Transformational Tantra festivals, teachers trainings and workshops and enter a worldwide community of likeminded. UPCOMING EVENTS

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HEART TANTRA festivals, workshops and trainings. Taste the experience of highest quality events around the globe.


Safe playground for Healing, Self-discovery and Individual Growth in International gathering of likeminded.


High-quality, practical and experience-based knowledge in the field of relationships, intimacy and sexuality.


Wide range of ancient and contemporary methods: Tantra, Meditation, Massage, Breath work, Family Constellation.


Carefully chosen time and place: Venues with high Energy field at times with strongest potential.

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We create the space, possibility and support to go deep in Meditation and high in Celebration. Heart is always the grounding point.

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We organize Tantra festivals, trainings and workshops with World’s leading teachers and musicians in a special, carefully chosen places around the Globe.

We see the Heart as a starting point of Tantric practice. Once you are rooted there, you can go both directions: downwards – discovering and playing with your sexual energy or upwards – towards Meditation.

Experience Unique Heart Tantra Energy: grounded, supportive and secure and at the same time vibrant, juicy, playful and loving.

HEART TANTRA energy creates the possibility and support to go deep in Meditation and high in Celebration. Heart is always the grounding point.

  • Heart Tantra Community Gathering
  • 50
    • September 30 - October 1, 2023
    • Tantric Touch
    • Revive our Heart connection and live it through Tantric Touch
    • Movement, Breath and Sound
  • Tantric Journey in Khajuraho
  • €740
    • November 3 - 11, 2023
    • This Journey is a rare opportunity to connect with the very essence of Tantra and receive an initiation in the Temples of Khajuraho, unique place where the energy of Ancient Tantra masters is still very alive. In this journey you’ll be guided by 2 amazing contemporary Tantra masters: Seva Prem and Swami Ganga.
  • Tantra Facilitator's Training MODULE I
  • 680
    • November 22 - 26, 2023
    • Tantra facilitator training is a 1 year process.
    • Training includes 3 modules each of 4 days.
    • You can do the training for becoming Tantra Facilitator  or only for yourself to open up to your body and your senses.
    • You will get Tantra Facilitator Basic Training certificate.

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